The global center
for the advancement
of the Economy of Trust

Lake Geneva region - Prilly, Switzerland


Aerial view of the SQ1 site, surrounded by greenery

Building on trust

Square One brings together governments and international corporations, universities and entrepreneurs around one shared ambition: build the future of the Economy of Trust.

Based in the Lake Geneva region, Square One provides a secure and supportive environment to invent the systems and technologies that will underpin the societies of tomorrow.

Aerial view of the SQ1 site, surrounded by greenery

Ground surface

44'440 m²

Office Space (North)

30'000 m²

Building capacity (North + South)

77'000 m²


by Q1 2022


Creating a world-class ecosystem for research, development, and entrepreneurship

The sharing of ideas between researchers, talented individuals and innovative entrepreneurs creates a breeding ground for innovation. In this context, the Canton of Vaud is fully supportive of this unique private initiative, encouraging connections between key players wishing to pursue activities in the field of Trust. This extends to other universities and schools, innovation parks, spin-offs, start-ups, medium size and large companies implanted in the area.

The objective of such partnerships is to provide a world class research and development ecosystem for our members, to promote investment and innovation in the Economy of Trust and to strengthen the Canton de Vaud and Switzerland as one of the most innovative regions in the world.

Founded in 1927 in Lausanne, SICPA’s HQ has been in Prilly since the 1960’s. We are committed to working positively with the local community. The SQ1 Campus project, which opens up exciting new business possibilities, is aligned with local infrastructure plans and is a demonstration of our support for the development of the commune and the Canton of Vaud.

Since its inception SICPA has been focused on Enabling Trust. We provide secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services, integrating material-based covert features and digital technologies. Every day, governments, companies and millions of people rely on us to protect the integrity and value of their currency, personal identity, products and brands.

Square One has a unique partnership with the EPFL Innovation Park (EIP). EIP is part of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions.
Founded in 1991, the EIP hosts technology-driven companies, with access to cutting-edge research and a large network of dynamic entrepreneurs and established companies.

In constant evolution, the EPFL Innovation Park boasts full occupancy. This is why the EIP will extend its quarters to Square One, offering the same level of services for start-ups and scales-ups.

Square One and the EPFL Innovation Park will actively work together to bring tenants to the site and grant memberships.


Members at Square One benefit from a host of advantages.

Swiss DNASwiss

Located in a consistently stable, constitutionally neutral, highly innovative country.

Business developmentBusiness

A diverse ecosystem, with access to leading technologies and investment opportunities.

Global reachGlobal

A region with world class talent and highest density of international institutions.

Long-term returnsLong-term

Adaptive by design, Square One is built to last. Modular facilities and a strong research focus mean the center will be as relevant in 20 years as it is today.

Research excellenceResearch

Leading universities, state-of-the-art facilities, talented academics renowned for their collaborative research.

The Economy of Trust

Trust is the backbone of society.

Trust is a critical intangible asset which supports everything, from a handshake to the technology behind ride-sharing apps, e-commerce or online voting. It is always in flux, constantly evolving, merging physical, human assessment with new digital measurements.

As societies develop, the opportunities and challenges surrounding the Economy of Trust are formidable. To date no project has been launched that sets out to profit from these opportunities and address these challenges. That is why Square One was created.

Square One has far-reaching objectives and its success depends as much on its ability to attract premium tenants as it does on Square One members coming together as the premier professional network devoted to the Economy of Trust.


Build the future of the Economy of Trust.

More than a real estate project, Square One is the global center for the advancement of the Economy of Trust. It brings together in one place the talent, knowledge and network necessary to take on some of the biggest challenges faced by our societies today.

Innovative by design, Square One refers to both the stunning SQ1 building and the network it operates. These two facets, the physical and immaterial, complement and build upon each other. A novel way to tackle new challenges.


Bringing together in one place the talent, knowledge and network


Square One will offer world-class research facilities


  • Bring together the diverse leaders of the Economy of Trust
  • House cutting-edge individual and collaborative research initiatives
  • Educate the leaders of today and tomorrow

Square One will offer world-class research facilities


  • A secure location in a stable, neutral country
  • Events and outreach to share ideas and research within and without the industry
  • An adaptive building fit for research, collaboration and education
SQ1 conviviality

Collaboration and education.


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Product DNA is pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with @sicpa, leading global provider of secured authentication and identification solutions. This partnership will greatly enhance #security and #transparency for our clients’ supply chains #traceability.

New partnership: @SICPA and Product DNA, combining both companies’ expertise and experience in #BrandProtection.
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Start-ups supported by Innosuisse can obtain a certificate, which guarantees that they are “ready for sustainable growth”.🥇

This certificate is an acknowledgement of recognition and quality for startups. Find out how to obtain it!

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The question of DNA records and #privacy - Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg)

An interesting survey by @InstituteGC which makes the case for mass testing and underlines the value of a health passport: #Certus #Myhealth_Pass securely fills this role, a proven technology ready for deployment.

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50 minutes from Geneva.
5 minutes from EPFL.